Monday, March 15, 2010

Should milk be Re-pasteurized?

Re-pasteurizing the milk could be possibly an issue to Productos Lacteos. Mostly where ever your parents go to buy food they find milk in gallons, which indicates that the milk has been process through a machine called pasteurizer. First the milk is taken out of the cow then goes through some tubes that will take the milk to the pasteurizer then it is gallon and ready to be consume. Many of you may ask yourselves, "but what does the pasteurizer do to the milk?" Well, the pasteurizer is a machine that heats the milk to a temperature at 145 degrees for at least thirty minutes (State requirement), during that time the heat kills all possible bacteria the milk could have so that the people consuming it won't get any health problems. In the past few years some citizens has been diagnose with bovine tuberculosis which is transmitted through bacteria in the raw milk and causes problems to the respiratory system. In addition, many people until this date consume raw milk just because they find a better taste than pasteurized milk. Once the milk has been pasteurized it is good to go for anything that is why milk that has been process already shouldn't be re-pasteurized just because of the fact that it will be turned into some other product that is not milk. Re-Pasteurizing the milk could affect the way our products taste, think of it this way "if the milk has been pasteurize to killed all the germs and yet it hasn't pass the due date, why should it be pasteurize again?" We have process the three different milks into cheese raw milk, pasteurized milk and re-pasteurized milk the results came out to be that the raw milk cheese had a stronger taste because it had more bacteria in it, the pasteurized milk had the results we wanted which was not a strong taste and neither a weak taste, the double pasteurized milk had a not so weak taste but its not got the kind we want. In one of our slangs "Quality is what makes our company" we want our clients to feel satisfied with our products, therefore, in my opinion milk shouldn't be re-pasteurized again just because it will be process into something else, no matter what the bacteria has already been killed when it was pasteurized for the first time.

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  1. which would you choose? raw, pasteurized or repasteurized?

    pretty interesting it feels like its either health or taste.